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Are you feeling frustrated, frazzled or fried? Trying to make changes in your own life or actively seeking solutions to help your behavioural, depressed or anxious kid(s)?

First off, I invite you to join me in my FB group called Calmer Kids, Calmer Parents where I post vidoes and am creating a supportive community of caring parents:)

Have you been up nights wondering what to try next? Do you feel like you're walking on eggshells or are you at your wit's end praying for a miracle? 

Welcome. I've helped myself, my kids and countless clients come through a lot and I trust I can help you too. I use my experience and skills as a Certified Strategy Coach and Qi Energy Master to help parents and kids find ways to activate Grace and feel calmer amidst the chaos.

If you are looking for solutions, I invite you to book a free 30 minute 'Chaos to Calmer' coaching session here so you can breathe easier, sleep deeper and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

I wish you much Grace, Ease and inner Peace.

Calm Your Body

Qi energy treatments and classes support your well-being. They can help you feel calmer, release blockages, restore balance and recharge your body. Ancestor Healing courses help to clear out inherited patterns, heal generational trauma, grief and improve the energy of your whole family.

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Calm Your Mind

Personal Coaching is a powerful way to support yourself amidst the chaos. If your kids are stressed out or stressing you out or you're weighed down by any negativity, it's time to clear that up. By gaining insight and strategies to help you feel calmer, you are positively affecting everyone around you.

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Nourish Yourself

Now more than ever we need to stay healthy. Isagenix offers a variety of products that support your nutritional needs delivered right to your door. Delicious shakes, protein bars, high quality vitamins and more. You can check out their guide book here.

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