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This is a Facebook Community where you can join on me live over tea and learn some calming practices for free.

My name is Alison Tennen and I am the creator of Calm Down. Having struggled with severe anxiety for years motivated me to find ways to calm down. Now I use my intuition and expertise as a skilled coach, to help people like you shift some fearful thinking and disempowering perceptions so you can feel calmer, despite life's challenges.

I have University Degrees in Music, Education and Psychology. I am a certified Yoga Instructor, Dream & Strategy Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader and have studied many healing modalities as well. I wish you much Grace and Ease and Inner Peace. Check out some TESTIMONIALS of clients who have worked with me. 


For Stressed Students

Students are needing support like never before so learn effective, calming tools. Students, Parents and teachers welcome.

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Professional & Corporate

Reduce sick leave and burnout by requesting a Stress Buster Seminar at work. Enhance rapport and raise morale.

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For the Secretly Anxious

Pssst! I know what it's like to paste on a smile and be struggling inside. Who wants to seek help...really?

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" Alison has a unique approach to coaching you. Her personal commitment to your success means she not only listens but offers real, practical feedback that you can apply right away for immediate results. Whether it’s calming your unfounded fears or dealing with others, I’ve found advice from her helpful on many occasions. You should seriously consider her services, if given the opportunity."

Martin Wales

" Ali has a genuine and contagious laugh. She led our team through a fabulous L.O.L. Session during our seminar break! Her exercises were fun, easy and effective and many of the participants were inspired to keep them up at home. I have worked with other laughter leaders before and she is honestly the most natural and passionate. She did a great job of adapting her intro and explanations to support our topic and made the break a relevant and joyful part of our day."

Tanya Chernova
Professional Speaker

"Ali’s coaching and guidance has helped me to ground and has allowed me to be effective even while enduring some of the most challenging experiences of my life! I highly recommend her as a valuable resource for anyone coping with stress or the pressures of difficult situations."

Jennifer Stubbs

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