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This "EZ to Sleep" audio program is a calming meditation. You can download and listen to it right now, when you feel stressed or at bedtime.

Hi, I'm Alison Tennen and I am the founder of calmdown.ca

I offer strategies to professionals and students who struggle with stress and anxiety, to feel calmer so that they can stop fear from hijacking their happiness. As a result of feeling calmer, my clients have...

  • improved key relationships
  • gained the clarity and courage to leave unhealthy relationships
  • developed the confidence to quit unfulfilling jobs and move into their ideal career
  • become bolder, better communicators and problem-solvers
  • enhanced their self-esteem and learned to trust themselves more
  • improved their focus, energy and productivity
  • improved their sleep and overall health 
  • cultivated more inner peace

Younger clients (ages 6-16) have learned to strategies to be calmer in stressful situations.

I offer coaching via video/audio calls, workshops and retreats and I've been featured on Daytime Television and on CTV news.


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These one-on-one sessions are designed to help you feel calmer. Whether you are a stressed parent, have an anxious kid, you're a professional under pressure, or someone secretly struggling, we've got you covered. All coaching can be done from the comfort and privacy of your own home via visual or audio calls. Coaching suitable for kids and adults..

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Suite Retreats

If you ever wish you could just stop the clock and take a breather, here's your chance. Every couple of months a Suite Retreat is hosted just outside Toronto. How is this different? Here you'll learn a suite calming strategies so you can reflect and reset. You'll return home feeling refreshed and less stressed. Now that's sweet:)

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Pssst! I know what it's like to paste on a smile and be struggling inside. Who wants to seek help...really? The beauty of these workshops is that they will be offered in a free Facebook group called the Calm Club. As well, I will be posting live (in-person) events. If you have an event, conference or group you would like me to speak at, this is also a potential option. 

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