Are you a stressed parent?

Concerned about your kid's physical or emotional symptoms?

Do you struggle with your kid having major meltdowns, anxiety, depression, processing disorders or some chronic condition you are looking to improve, you are in the right place. As parents, we need to be our best to support our kids.

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Have you been wondering how to improve your child's wellbeing? Do you wish to resolve your child's physical or psychological symptoms? 

Parenting can be stressful, exhausting and all-consuming at times but it's even harder when you see you kid suffering. I spent years trying to help my teenaged daughter resolve her debilitating symptoms (such as chronic stomach pain upon eating and unpredictable, unstable emotions) and have made some great strides. 

As a certified Coach and Energy Master I offer strategies to help parents like you navigate through stressful parenting situations so you can have the support you deserve. 


I look forward to sharing how virtual Coaching and Energy Services can help you and your kids become calmer, healthier and happier.

  Alison Tennen

Calm Your Body

Qi energy treatments and classes support your well-being. They can help you feel calmer, release blockages, restore balance and recharge your body. Ancestor Healing courses help to clear karmic inherited patterns, heal generational trauma, grief and improve the energy of your whole family.

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Calm Your Mind

Personal Coaching is a powerful way to support yourself amidst the chaos. If your kids are stressed out or stressing you out or you're weighed down by any negativity, it's time to clear that up. By gaining insight and strategies to help you feel calmer, you are positively affecting everyone around you.

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Nurture Your Spirit

Now more than ever it is an important time to do good and brighten your spirit. Learn to tune into your intuition and connect with your true nature and Source energy. If you're looking for a calming practice that includes chanting and meditation, get in touch. The calmer you are, the more resilient you become.

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