Qi Energy Services

All Qi Energy services are available in person (when lawfully permitted), and the option to receive these services virtually is always available. These services can support you in powerfully positive ways and are offered by skilled Senior Qi Energy Masters.

  • Qi Energy Treatments can be received by simply sitting or lying comfortably by your phone. A soft sound is used by the practitioner to help transmit light and energy to you which will help calm, balance and revitalize your body. The first session is typically about 30 minutes. Half the time you receive energy and then there is time to receive feedback and learn more. The first session is free!
  • Qi energy classes consist of gentle movements, meditation and chanting which helps your body and mind tune to the energy of the Source and the vital energy of blessing. Join our class on zoom and learn how to recharge your body's battery, release blockages and clear the mind. Book your free 1 hour trial class today!
  • Ancestor Healing is a spiritual approach to brightening your spirit as well as loved ones and your ancestors who have passed. Here, Master Oh explains how you can change your vibration to release any inherited patterns that may negatively affect your mind, body and even affect your karma. Book your free consultation below to learn more about how Ancestor Healing can help you and your family.
  • Energy clearing is available for homes or offices remove stagnant, or negative energy and revitalize your space. It feels good to declutter but it feels even better to clear out invisible residual energy that can be lingering in your home for years. Having positive energy in your home or workspace can help improve your energy, mood, focus and productivity. Book a call to get the energy in your home virtually assessed for free.



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