What Would Love Do?

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2018


What would love do? Have you heard this question asked before? Perhaps you have in songs or in a book somewhere. What would love do if it could speak through you? If it could speak to the ones that most challenge you? And hey, when you look into the mirror, what might love want to say to you? Would you be open for a breakthrough? Just wondering. Maybe you're wondering too. Next time you feel the tension rise, raise the question...what would love do?

I wrote this short poem- like blurb spontaneously while reflecting on Valentine's Day. I hope it opens your heart and lights your way through challenging times.



      Wishing You Much Grace & Ease and Inner Peace.


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Calm Down & Believe in Magic

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2016

Calm Down & Believe in Magic

Have you ever experienced something magical? A serendipitous meeting, a close call where you escaped harm's way, or maybe you achieved something that seemed initially beyond possible? I have. And because of my experiences, I've come to believe that bigger wheels are turning. How 'bout you?

In my opinion, most of us have been hypnotized and conditioned to be “realistic.” But  realizing that our hearts beat and our cells regenerate and some wounds can heal without conscious effort on our part, is mind-boggling and unfathomable.

If an alien asked an earthling how humans reproduce, I imagine our explanations would give rise to great scepticism. But we accept it as true, because we've experienced it. Isn't it wild to know that we are spinning (a thousand or more miles per hour) through space, that a virus could transform lives worldwide in a blink and that we are all interconnected in so many ways?

Worse than being realistic is being...

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