Worse Than An Ice Storm and May Affect You

anxiety fear ice storm stuck Apr 15, 2018

Are you feeling hamstrung by this weekend's weather? With all the headlines advising us to hunker down at home, it's easy to see how this kind of weather can limit us. What is also limiting but far less obvious, is how fear can stop us from living more fully.

It can stop us from saying what might ultimately need to be said, seeing what needs to be seen or doing what needs to be done. It can cleverly deter us from moving toward what we deeply desire. 

Although we're free to think whatever we want, too often we run the same thought patterns and compelling arguments in our head. Sometimes we're even afraid to admit that in some area of our life, we're afraid.

Then what? 

We feel worse than afraid. We feel frozen.     

So here are a few questions to ponder...

If you could sprinkle a special salt that could help melt this fear, what magical properties would be in this salt? (Would it maybe help to melt some of your resistance to do something...

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What Would Love Do?

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2018


What would love do? Have you heard this question asked before? Perhaps you have in songs or in a book somewhere. What would love do if it could speak through you? If it could speak to the ones that most challenge you? And hey, when you look into the mirror, what might love want to say to you? Would you be open for a breakthrough? Just wondering. Maybe you're wondering too. Next time you feel the tension rise, raise the question...what would love do?

I wrote this short poem- like blurb spontaneously while reflecting on Valentine's Day. I hope it opens your heart and lights your way through challenging times.



      Wishing You Much Grace & Ease and Inner Peace.


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I Was Up to My Eyeballs in Debt...and Then, This Happened!

There was a time when I was really struggling. My marriage was quietly crumbling, my confidence, tumbling. In a very short time, we went from very comfortable to very uncomfortable financially. I found myself up to my eyeballs in debt primarily from over-spending to fix a renovation gone bad and then from getting caught selling in the crash of 2008 as housing prices dropped like a stone. With two little kids, we did what we could to get back on our feet. I was exhausted and anxious a lot of the time. I'm wondering if you can relate to such pressure...

Long story short, I got to a point where I started to meditate a few minutes regularly, just to get through the day. I began to put what I understood about the law of attraction, in action. There was enough science in quantum physics to back it up so I thought I'd actually give it a shot. I consistently and deliberately began envisioning myself debt-free and slipped into the sweet spot of remembering what that felt like.

Soon after, my...

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Calm Down and Here's Why

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2016

Calm Down and Ground Yourself

We so often operate from the head up, we can almost forget to breathe. Need a bathroom break? That’ll have to wait. Hungry or tired? Again, the body must be patient and adapt to our schedule of priorities.

When we are stressed, it really doesn’t feel good – so we tend to find a myriad of ways to “check out” of having to actually feel anything. This is where problems can arise. Ignoring your feelings and your body’s signals often escalates over time. What started out as a quiet tap on the shoulder can become a tug of the arm and then snowball into a full-on panic attack or temper tantrum.

Regularly grounding yourself brings your awareness back into the body. It allows you to feel more of your emotions. Once you can acknowledge your feelings, you can be guided by them. If you walk with the conscious intention of connecting to the Earth, you can easily ground yourself. Imagining a rod extending from your tailbone into...

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Calm Down & Believe in Magic

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2016

Calm Down & Believe in Magic

We have been hypnotized and conditioned to be “realistic.” But believing that your scraped knee will heal on its own just doesn’t seem real. To me, even the medical explanation as to how that healing happens is mind boggling and unfathomable…so too are the facts that we are spinning through space, we were once a fertilized egg, and plants give off oxygen.
Worse than being realistic is being incredibly desensitized to the magic that is undeniably everywhere. The notion that we can wirelessly transmit our thoughts through text in an instant and have our computer, television and telephone on a single device that we can pop into our pockets is not anywhere near anything I once thought would be possible. I remember having to sit down when I used the telephone because the receiver was attached by a spiralling cord. Now we're multi-tasking nearly everywhere we go. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, learning to calm...

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I Used to Be Normal

I used to be normal…I used to believe in that which was logical and explainable. In fact, I was raised to be realistic but that didn't stick because I’ve had so many unusual experiences that have changed my perspective and my life.

Here’s one story…years ago, when I was married, my husband and I bought a cottage in Muskoka. We lived in Toronto and we could only get there on some weekends and holidays. Nonetheless, it still needed some light furnishing and decor. Being the non designer that I am, I went into a store that sold posters and I found a matching set that met my criteria exactly. They were both colourful and cottagey. One picture was of fish and the other, of birds and I had them both plaque - mounted and hung in the basement bedroom of our cottage.
A few months later, as my thirty-fifth birthday was approaching, my husband and I were at the point in our relationship when we began discussing when would be the right time to start a family. In fact, I...

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