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If you lack the faith and confidence about your future, coaching is one of the most profound ways I know that can catapult you in powerfully positive direction. It's healing, empowering, and can cut through your emotional chaos bringing you clarity, confidence, great comfort and a sense of calm.  

How does this happen? Simply put, using my intuition and expertise as a skilled coach, I aim to help heal some key emotional charges, shift some disempowering perceptions and beliefs and open you to new ways of thinking and feeling and being. 

Unwind Mastermind: Monthly Membership Program...coming January 2018. Stay tuned.

STRESS BUSTERS SEMINARS: Customized for students, teachers, parents or for corporate environments, these seminars are engaging and interactive and are packed with amazingly simple yet effective calming techniques you can use on the go! 

BOOST YOUR LAUGHbido & L.O.L Trainings: directly shifts the chemistry of the body, which in turn, positively impacts your body, mind and mood. Learn more....

SPEAKING: Hire me to speak at your upcoming conference, expo or 
to your team/group.

"Stress was something I had grown accustomed to and I honestly couldn't imagine waking up and not feeling anxious. I wasn't sure what to expect but after my first coaching call I already felt more soothed and relaxed. Ali gave me tips to try and calm myself when I started feeling nervous and I found them so helpful when I felt myself getting anxious. She also presented me with ideas on how to change my way of thinking so I wasn't always worried and my outlook on life became so much more optimistic. Every week I have felt more confident in myself and it's thanks to Ali that I wake up feeling calmer and more optimistic every day." - Marese N

"Thank you Ali for the free session! You opened my eyes to some of the ways I've been stressing myself out and you've really given me a lot to think about. I have been going through so much lately that it's been hard to know what to direction to take but now I feel I have much more clarity and confidence. I'm really happy I called you!"- D. Banks 

"Hi Ali, when I saw your email offer I was hesitant to reply because I'm a pretty private person but I'm glad I touched base. In truth, you surprised me. You were easy to talk to and you offered me some valuable insights. Best of all, you did not try to 'sell me' anything. As a result, I can see the value of being coached in my own life and I look forward to our upcoming sessions. Thank you!"- Gerry J.

 “I definitely want to thank you and let you know that your coaching has helped me a lot. The sessions I had with you gave me an opportunity to reflect on what was causing me anxiety and really think about where it was coming from. By helping me recognize the benefit of shifting the way I speak to myself and uncovering coping methods that have worked for me in other situations, I feel empowered to squash tension and anxiety. I have always felt driven to be efficient and productive with goals of self-improvement and achievement… I used to accept tension and anxiety as a natural by-product that could only be minimized at best, not eliminated. I truly appreciate the time and energy that you have shared with me to help me overcome something that I have struggled with, but was never able to fully address. Achieving true calmness has been a wonderful gift and I can’t stop telling people about it… usually after they say “Kari-Lynn, you’re so calm!” - Kari-Lynn Nishimoto

“Ali came into my life during a very difficult period when I was struggling with unexplained health issues. I felt that she understood my anxiety immediately and she helped me move forward from there. She is generous with her time and with sharing her skills-during our very first phone call she guided me through a very powerful relaxation that I shall never forget. If you require reality based coaching to help you get on with your life, I would strongly recommend working Ali”. -Marian J.

“Dearest Ali, Thanks so very much for another very relaxing and empowering coaching session last night. I slept incredibly well and feel so much stronger, wiser and less vulnerable today. Your insights into my tendencies and the simple yet powerful techniques you gave me to help me think and feel differently are things I could never have figured out on my own. I now have tools I can pull out whenever and wherever I need to feel more grounded, strong and calm. Best of all, I felt completely safe and comfortable opening up to you. I am grateful for all you have taught me and can’t wait to have another session soon.” With appreciation-Tracy K.

"Hi Alison, Well I don’t know where to start so I’ll just begin. I can’t tell you how much your coaching has helped me. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me; I stand much taller, walk with a bounce in my step and talk with a smile on my face. I am taking one day at a time and executing some new thinking strategies into my everyday routines. It’s truly amazing how simply looking at a situation from a new perspective can change things.”-Lee W. 

“Ali will inspire, guide and hold you accountable to take practical steps and follow through on bringing your dreams to reality. My most profound and rapid changes have taken place while being personally coached by Ali.”-Claire Carew

“Hi Alison, Just wanted to say thank you for helping me transform my relationship with my husband who I have been with for 29 years. It is kind of ironic that going into the coaching sessions I was very adamant and specific about wanting to work on my business, finance and health goals only and I had no intention at all in relationship coaching. You asked if there was anything else going on in my life and I said there was an old issue that I’ve worked on for years (therapy and all) and that it was as good as it was going to get and I was not interested in discussing it. You asked further and I finally told you it was issues with my husband and you took me through a technique where I was very surprised to find out how much I wanted to be with him. You gave me some assignments that I applied and they absolutely changed our relationship. Our communication has gotten so much better, we’ve gone on several dates (and will continue to do so) and the fire is back in our love life. He’s noticed the change in me and is appreciating it and responding in a very positive and loving way.Thank you so much for bringing the light back in our marriage. I will be forever grateful.” (Update: Seven years later the marriage is still  passionately thriving! -Sony Devis

”Ali coached me and I found it very helpful. Alison is extremely insightful. It has made a permanent difference in my life, and what I loved the most is how I can take simple daily steps to solve a major problem. I recommend her to anyone looking to make a positrive change in their lives.” -Terek Bibi

“Alison’s coaching and guidance has helped me to ground and has allowed me to be effective even while enduring some of the most challenging experiences of my life! I highly recommend her as a valuable resource for anyone coping with stress or the pressures of difficult situations.”-Jennifer Stubbs

“Alison has a unique approach to coaching you. Her personal commitment to your success means she not only listens but offers real, practical feedback that you can apply right away for immediate results. Whether it’s calming your unfounded fears or dealing with others, I’ve found advice from her helpful on many occasions. You should seriously consider her services, if given the opportunity.” -Martin Wales

 " Ali, I didn't realize how in just a few sessions, I could unlock so many years of feeling self conscious and anxious in social situations. I have so much more confidence in myself than I ever expected possible. I really want to thank you" Jordan J.

"Ali knows how to read people's energy. She can tune in and know exactly how I'm feeling and reveal the core issues that need resolution. Every time I speak to her I walk away feeling so much lighter, calmer and more empowered because she gives me the insight and strategies I need to take on whatever is challenging me at the time. I can't recommend her enough!"- Andrea S. 

 "Ali is an inspiration. She has changed my life for the better by helping me see and create a better future for me and my family. She has helped me believe in myself and push my limits beyond what I thought was possible. She is a gifted coach."- Victoria M.




Seminar #1  Stress Less & Decompress

If you've ever felt too stressed to sleep, to show up at work or school, to present or speak publicly or just to be present and comfortable in your own skin, join the club. While there are some people who appear hardwired calm, most of us struggle from time to time. Change and challenges always occur. This seminar includes a series of strategies to help you stress less while on the go.

Seminar #2  Laugh it Up to Lighten Up 

Once participants experience the incredible power and countless benefits of sustained laughter, it can be used as an amazing tool to help combat anxiety and depression. The reason it's been said that 'laughter is the medicine' is because it's been proven to positively shift one's biochemistry quickly and naturally.

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Places I've been featured include: CTV, Rogers TV, Total Health Show, The National Women's Show, North Toronto Moms, MumNet, Parenting Connection Momondays, and some corporations. I have also hosted my own events: Magic & Motivation and The Power of Laughter. 


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