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Personal Coaching

Do you ever wake up anxious or feel too stressed to sleep? Are you trying to change something for yourself or your kid(s)?

If you feel worried about your kid(s) because they're struggling in some way or if you feel stuck, if you're harbouring regrets or resentment, feel overwhelmed or unsupported, ...if you are struggling with a relationship or feeling badly about yourself or grappling with a personal health issue, mourning a loss, do yourself a favour. Get coached so that you can gain support and strategies. Life is tough enough so why go it alone?

Add-on Qi energy sessions can help you relax, recharge and release negative energy.

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Ancestor Healing: What is it and why should I care?

Like any tree, your family tree is only as healthy as its roots. Believe it or not, your ancestors' spirits remains long after they're gone. Since some of them struggled, their vibration can actually be affecting you and your family today because you're still connected energetically. 

The Sr.Qi Energy Masters I work with have trained for a long time to be able to tune to the frequency of Source. This enables them to send your ancestors a high frequency of light, love and energy which helps elevate and brighten their spirit. As you change their energy, you're simultaneously changing yours. Since science has proven that 'like attracts like', when your vibration improves, so does all that you attract. 

Therefore, when you do ancestor healing, you are essentially clearing karma for your whole family, for those who have passed, those living today and for your kids and future generations.

In the video below, Qi Energy Master Leigh-Anne Miles shares her expertise on this remarkable way to clear inter-generational trauma, karma and inherited patterns and conditions. I am keen to spread the word about this because after years of seeking solutions, this process helped my daughter when nothing and nobody else could.


Energy Treatments and classes 

Now more than ever we need to recharge and boost our immune systems. How do you de-stress in such uncertain times? Book an energy treatment or a Qi class. In person, (with masks now), or virtually, this energy treats the whole body and helps you detoxify, de-stress. It's a powerful way to infuse your body with the healing energy.

  • Qi energy classes consist of gentle movements, meditation and chanting which helps your body and mind tune to the energy of the Source and the vital energy of blessing. Join our class on zoom and learn how to recharge your body's battery, release blockages and clear the mind. Book your free 1 hour trial class today!



House Blessing Ceremony

Have you ever noticed that even some of the most luxurious homes can feel dark energetically? If you're sensitive in this way, you can likely feel that many homes have a stale, cold or creepy vibe despite the lovely or lavish decor. 

That’s because the energy of the people who lived in your space before you, can linger long after they’ve moved out. Even the energy of the land’s history can have an influence. No amount of burning sage, decluttering, renovation or fresh paint can clear these energetic imprints.

A House Blessing Ceremony led by a Qi Master, actually restructures the energy in and around your place. It clears out heavy negativity and removes wandering spirits that may be invisibly hanging out. Your Four House Angels are activated and provide protection and your whole place is filled with a bright, positive, supportive energy. 

This ceremony can occur on or off site and with so many of us staying at home more, this is one amazing process to create more harmony in your home.


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