Boost Your Lifebido: Personal Coaching 

Do you know you can be hyper-productive without feeling hyper-stressed? The processes involved are often healing, empowering and profoundly transformational. As you gain insight, clarity, shift your perceptions and disempowering beliefs, gain  confidence, guess what? You begin to feel calmer and happier. Yes, it is possible. Coaching Sessions can be in person or via telephone or Zoom/FaceTIme

Unwind Mastermind: Monthly Membership Program

Once a month you may join a live call or receive the recording of our 1 hour group coaching call. Most of the time, these calls will occur during the last Tuesday of each month at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. Each call in this Unwind Mastermind will have a theme, some calming processes, time with me personally for Q & A and sometimes guest speakers.

Stress Busters Seminars: For Schools or Corporate 

These seminars are engaging interactive and are packed with little known yet effective calming techniques participants can use on the go! Customizable for a variety of audiences...Students (grades 3+ including College/University, Parents of your community/school, Teachers or Professionals working in a corporate environment. Stress Busters Sessions can vary in length from 1 hour to full weekend workshops.

Live Events, Private Classes & Retreats: 

Have you ever considered hosting private classes for your kids, friends or community? Inquire about one of the following services: Hatha Yoga, Laughter Yoga Sessions or maybe you prefer a Hath & Laugh combo class. All classes incorporate meditations and inspirational content. Call to inquire. Sign up to Calm Down and you'll get the latest news of upcoming events, promos and tips to help you feel calmer.

The Calm Shop: Products & Programs

Check out the Calm Shop because you can calm yourself through balancing your body with empowering nutritional products and packages, using essential oils, or even buy a Calm Kit for a loved one! Online self-study programs are also in the works here...and they will be rolling out within the year. Stay tuned.

Email [email protected] 

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