Private Coaching

So often I've had clients tell me that they're so happy that they can confide in me and share some of their deepest concerns because they feel like "who else can I talk to about this?" And while they have people in their lives they can talk to, what they mean is... 'who else can they talk to without feeling judged, foolish, or without being undermined or overly influenced by other people's opinions, agendas, fear or negativity projected onto them?' 

Private coaching is exactly that. Private. It's offered in the comfort of your own space over the phone or on a Zoom call. As you share your feelings, you begin to feel a sense of relief and as you feel supported, you often gain clarity. And as you learn strategies, gain outside perspective, shift your perceptions, feel more empowered, guess what? You begin to feel calmer and happier. And this is the magic and beauty of being compassionately coached.


The Calm Club

Do you ever feel discouraged, anxious, overwhelmed or concerned about how to help your anxious kid? Is any part of you clenching? Well, if  you ever paste on a smile all the while you're trying to hold it altogether on the inside...join the club...

The Calm Club that is! This is a closed Facebook group aimed at at helping you feel calmer. Join me and get yourself grounded and calmer so you can enhance your creativity, positively impact your relationships and improve your quality of life. 

Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops are engaging, inspirational and often entertaining. Appropriate for schools, corporate events or conferences, a calming workshop can be very chill, educational and encompassing a variety of calming strategies or it can be a full-on, rapport-building, rip-roaring Laughter Yoga Workshop! You choose, I customize. Book a call with me to discuss details. 

Looking for a speaker? I am passionate about topics such as Media and Mental Health, the Benefits of Laughter and The Magic of Calm, Signs and Serendipity. Email [email protected] 

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Indulge and enjoy this all-inclusive exclusive retreat.

We have an in-house chef cooking you delicious, wholesome food, a calming curriculum and accommodations in a beautiful lakeside luxury home less than an hour outside Toronto.

Space is limited to 8-10 women or couples ages 18+

Dates: Friday January 31st to Sunday, Feb. 2nd, 2020. Check-in between 3-5 pm and check out at noon.


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