In Quiet Desperation


       So often, I'll start coaching a new client with the understanding that they're struggling in some aspect of their life. This is common, as I've had my share of struggles too... as most humans do. But what often amazes me, is how long we're willing to endure a troubling situation or relationship before we can admit to ourselves or another, that we're actually quite unhappy.

       Sometimes it takes a while until we wake up and either gain the clarity or the support we need to make a change. Other times, we don't know what to do, so we do nothing. We stew and fret and sweat in anxiety and agitation, feeling powerless... sometimes to the point of paralysis. Trying to check out, numb out or tune out as we secretly sigh in quiet desperation. Does this sound like you? And if so, what can you do?

    Chances are if you can sweep your skepticism aside and speak to someone skilled, you'll start to breathe easier knowing...

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Worse Than An Ice Storm and May Affect You

anxiety fear ice storm stuck Apr 15, 2018

Are you feeling hamstrung by this weekend's weather? With all the headlines advising us to hunker down at home, it's easy to see how this kind of weather can limit us. What is also limiting but far less obvious, is how fear can stop us from living more fully.

It can stop us from saying what might ultimately need to be said, seeing what needs to be seen or doing what needs to be done. It can cleverly deter us from moving toward what we deeply desire. 

Although we're free to think whatever we want, too often we run the same thought patterns and compelling arguments in our head. Sometimes we're even afraid to admit that in some area of our life, we're afraid.

Then what? 

We feel worse than afraid. We feel frozen.     

So here are a few questions to ponder...

If you could sprinkle a special salt that could help melt this fear, what magical properties would be in this salt? (Would it maybe help to melt some of your resistance to do something...

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