Preppers, Don't Overlook This!

Have you been stocking up on extra supplies, food and water should there be an outage or worse? Do you feel prepared in these ever-changing times?

You can have the greatest pantry and have a wealth of skills and knowledge but if you don't have good karma, what chance do you have of survival, even on a daily basis?

Are you aware that you have loved ones looking out for you? You do, yet some are not in a position to help protect you as much as you might like. It depends on their vibrational state. If your ancestors passed and went to a bright place, their light and vibration can be a positive influence.

Conversely, if any of them experienced trauma or suffering then their heavy vibration can negatively affect you in a myriad of ways. This is because we are both genetically connected and energetically connected. The roots and the fruits from any tree, always share the same frequency. 

If 'like attracts like', then it's important to raise your vibration to attract more positive...

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