Mental Health in Teens-Healing Inherited Influences

Do you have a child or teen who is struggling with mental or physical health issues? 

Since anxiety 'runs in my family' I've had my challenges with that, and my kids have too. Of course, these kinds of issues can run through our generational lines because we came from our parents and our parents came from theirs, and so on. What I didn't know, is that we can actually clear some of these inherited conditions and help our whole family become healthier until I experienced this first-hand.

Years ago, when my daughter was struggling with health issues, I couldn't find one medical or alternative professional to truly help her. She began having stomach pain every time she ate and her emotions were becoming hard for all of us to manage. 

I was so sad that with all my training in personal development and skills in multiple healing modalities, I still couldn't find a way to take ease her physical and emotional pain. I was concerned because I could see signs of her being...

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Messages from My Dad

Have you ever lost a loved one and wish you could still connect with them? Would you like confirmation that they're still around or to know if they're at peace? When my dad suddenly passed, I was crushed. At that time, I didn't know what I believed or what was possible. Until one day, I did.

Even though my Dad died over twenty five years ago, today I consistently feel his presence, love and guidance. He visits me when I dream and I get signs of all kinds on a regular basis. He's given me more peace and in turn, I've been able to help him too.

But years ago, it was a different story. "Tears. Heartache. Grief. Tears. Heartache. Grief." Those were the exact words a psychic said to me when my friend and I went for a reading as a lark. I watched with curiosity as this little old lady with a crystal ball turned over the next tarot card. I was hoping for better news. Instead, it was the 'death card' and if that wasn't shocking enough, she immediately asked "Who's...

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