Messages from My Dad

Have you ever lost a loved one and wish you could still connect with them? Would you like confirmation that they're still around or to know if they're at peace? When my dad suddenly passed, I was crushed. At that time, I didn't know what I believed or what was possible. Until one day, I did.

Even though my Dad died over twenty five years ago, today I consistently feel his presence, love and guidance. He visits me when I dream and I get signs of all kinds on a regular basis. He's given me more peace and in turn, I've been able to help him too.

But years ago, it was a different story. "Tears. Heartache. Grief. Tears. Heartache. Grief." Those were the exact words a psychic said to me when my friend and I went for a reading as a lark. I watched with curiosity as this little old lady with a crystal ball turned over the next tarot card. I was hoping for better news. Instead, it was the 'death card' and if that wasn't shocking enough, she immediately asked "Who's...

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How to Calm Down

anxiety calm May 09, 2021

Feeling stressed? Anxious? 

Have you tried... breathing techniques? Walking in nature? Journaling? 

Medication? Remedies? Meditation? Mindfulness? Bodywork? Energy work? Coaching or therapy? Sound Therapy or aromatherapy? CBD Oil or cannabis? 

Perhaps you've tried..Yoga? Laughter Yoga? EFT? CBT? NLP? Exercise? Hugging a tree? How about watching a funny movie? Hmm.. 

Well, there's a list of things you can try... and if what you've been doing has worked for you, great! Stay with it.
But if the list above or a variation thereof, has helped somewhat but hasn’t solved your issue at the core, it might interest you to know that this anxiety you feel, may not actually be yours. You may unknowingly be tapping into the frequency of those around you.
So who’s around you? Hopefully loved ones presently, but something you may not have considered are loved ones who have passed.
While they may be gone physically, they are still...
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