How to Stop Anxiety Attacks

Do you suffer from anxiety attacks and have yet to find something that really helps?

I can relate. Years ago, after the sudden passing of my dad, two things happened. One, I became extremely anxious and two, I had a psychic opening whereby my intuition really kicked in. That set me on my journey to seek pathways to inner peace until I eventually acquired the skills and made enough strides to become the founder of

In truth, it takes work for most of us to conquer anxiety, especially since Covid. When I was struggling, I dove deep and tried all sorts of things and while there are now a million and one options out there, I'm hoping to help save you some time (and agony), so I narrowed down three things that helped me the most. I took a multi-faceted approach and tried a variety of therapies to help my mind, body and spirit. Having become a yoga instructor just scratched the surface for me.

One: finding a skilled coach can be incredibly helpful.

For years, I went to trained...

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