Mental Health in Teens-Healing Inherited Influences

Do you have a child or teen who is struggling with mental or physical health issues? 

Since anxiety 'runs in my family' I've had my challenges with that, and my kids have too. Of course, these kinds of issues can run through our generational lines because we came from our parents and our parents came from theirs, and so on. What I didn't know, is that we can actually clear some of these inherited conditions and help our whole family become healthier until I experienced this first-hand.

Years ago, when my daughter was struggling with health issues, I couldn't find one medical or alternative professional to truly help her. She began having stomach pain every time she ate and her emotions were becoming hard for all of us to manage. 

I was so sad that with all my training in personal development and skills in multiple healing modalities, I still couldn't find a way to take ease her physical and emotional pain. I was concerned because I could see signs of her being...

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How to Calm Down

anxiety calm May 09, 2021

Feeling stressed? Anxious? 

Have you tried... breathing techniques? Walking in nature? Journaling? 

Medication? Remedies? Meditation? Mindfulness? Bodywork? Energy work? Coaching or therapy? Sound Therapy or aromatherapy? CBD Oil or cannabis? 

Perhaps you've tried..Yoga? Laughter Yoga? EFT? CBT? NLP? Exercise? Hugging a tree? How about watching a funny movie? Hmm.. 

Well, there's a list of things you can try... and if what you've been doing has worked for you, great! Stay with it.
But if the list above or a variation thereof, has helped somewhat but hasn’t solved your issue at the core, it might interest you to know that this anxiety you feel, may not actually be yours. You may unknowingly be tapping into the frequency of those around you.
So who’s around you? Hopefully loved ones presently, but something you may not have considered are loved ones who have passed.
While they may be gone physically, they are still...
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