Preppers, Don't Overlook This!

Have you been stocking up on extra supplies, food and water should there be an outage or worse? Do you feel prepared in these ever-changing times?

You can have the greatest pantry and have a wealth of skills and knowledge but if you don't have good karma, what chance do you have of survival, even on a daily basis?

Are you aware that you have loved ones looking out for you? You do, yet some are not in a position to help protect you as much as you might like. It depends on their vibrational state. If your ancestors passed and went to a bright place, their light and vibration can be a positive influence.

Conversely, if any of them experienced trauma or suffering then their heavy vibration can negatively affect you in a myriad of ways. This is because we are both genetically connected and energetically connected. The roots and the fruits from any tree, always share the same frequency. 

If 'like attracts like', then it's important to raise your vibration to attract more positive...

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Ancestry NRG

Would you like to know more about your ancestors so you can learn more about yourself? I recently stumbled upon a method that helped me better connect to my ancestors, achieve more peace within my whole family and see myself in a new light.
Years ago however, I didn't have peace. In fact, I fell to pieces many times over. When my dad died suddenly I became extremely anxious as a result. That took years of work to overcome. After kids, finances became a challenge and that was unfun. After twenty years of trying to keep things afloat, my marriage capsized and as my kids grew, they sometimes had anxiety too. When my older child started high school, new severe symptoms began to emerge. She couldn't eat without pain and her energy and emotions were becoming a problem as well. We spent two years bouncing from one appointment to another and no doctor, specialist, medication, therapist, health practitioner, diet, healer or remedy was able to truly help her heal. It was a trying...
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How to Stop Anxiety Attacks

Do you suffer from anxiety attacks and have yet to find something that really helps?

I can relate. Years ago, after the sudden passing of my dad, two things happened. One, I became extremely anxious and two, I had a psychic opening whereby my intuition really kicked in. That set me on my journey to seek pathways to inner peace until I eventually acquired the skills and made enough strides to become the founder of

In truth, it takes work for most of us to conquer anxiety, especially since Covid. When I was struggling, I dove deep and tried all sorts of things and while there are now a million and one options out there, I'm hoping to help save you some time (and agony), so I narrowed down three things that helped me the most. I took a multi-faceted approach and tried a variety of therapies to help my mind, body and spirit. Having become a yoga instructor just scratched the surface for me.

One: finding a skilled coach can be incredibly helpful.

For years, I went to trained...

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Mental Health in Teens-Healing Inherited Influences

Do you have a child or teen who is struggling with mental or physical health issues? 

Since anxiety 'runs in my family' I've had my challenges with that, and my kids have too. Of course, these kinds of issues can run through our generational lines because we came from our parents and our parents came from theirs, and so on. What I didn't know, is that we can actually clear some of these inherited conditions and help our whole family become healthier until I experienced this first-hand.

Years ago, when my daughter was struggling with health issues, I couldn't find one medical or alternative professional to truly help her. She began having stomach pain every time she ate and her emotions were becoming hard for all of us to manage. 

I was so sad that with all my training in personal development and skills in multiple healing modalities, I still couldn't find a way to take ease her physical and emotional pain. I was concerned because I could see signs of her being...

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Angels or Ancestors

Do you believe in angels or feel like someone's looking out for you? Do you believe in miracles? If not, I hope this story inspires you.

Growing up, I always felt like I was being heard when I spoke aloud to myself in my room or when I walked alone in the woods at my cottage. It wasn't until years later, that I realized I was being heard, watched over and guided. Despite some hardship, I've also experienced miracles in my life.

For example, I once had a bizarre car accident that even baffled the officer and tow truck driver on site and everyone else who was in the neighbourhood that walked by me that day and night.
It was November, 2014 when I left my car running in ‘park’ for just a minute to pick up my older daughter from her friend's place when my nine year old, who was in the back of the car, decided to hop into the driver's seat with the intention of turning off the ignition. Suddenly, she felt the vehicle begin to roll backwards downhill and leaped out while...
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Lockdowns and Lethargy

Has being on lockdown taken an energetic toll on you or your family? Have you been feeling lethargic and having a tough time getting your kids (or yourself) to move or leave the house even to go for a walk?

I understand, given the circumstances of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, but I discovered something a couple of years ago that I believe can benefit you especially in these crazy times. 

It was before covid when my kids began struggling to get up and out of bed for school. One was a night owl and my older one became unwell with conditions that were debilitating and depressing. While seeking solutions, I met a Qi Energy Master one day at my chiropractor's office and she gave us all a treatment. When booking following sessions, I asked if she could come to us. Thankfully, she said yes.

A few days later, this woman, Master Park, came to give us in-house treatments at my mom's as we live altogether. Even though it's a pretty house, I got the sense that she was uncomfortable....

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Boost Your Immune System

Are you pro or do you say no to vaccines? Either way, viruses and variants are floating about. What are you doing to strengthen your immune system?

Perhaps you've heard about the benefits of taking supplements such as vitamin C, D selenium and zinc and elderberry. Healthy habits are also helpful. But as stated in an article by Harvard Health Publishing, "The immune system is precisely that — a system, not a single entity. To function well, it requires balance and harmony." 

So how do you establish this? In my opinion, minimizing stress is key. Research showed that over 70% of medical visits were due to stress related conditions alone and that was before Covid. While there are many ways one can reduce stress, intuitive Strategy Coaching and Qi energy services aim to help you feel calmer on all levels. 

Coaching can offer you strategies, support, a new perspective, accountability, courage and confidence in areas you need it most. It offers you a safe place to self...

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Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects and How to Ease Them

Are you experiencing some discomfort or side effects from the vaccine?

Consider something more powerful than applying a cool washcloth. A virtual Qi Energy Treatment is soothing and healing and it can help the body recharge and get back into balance. Here is a Qi testimonial that came in from a client of a Sr. Qi Energy Master.

"I had a terrible reaction to the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  I had a high fever for 5 days, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, body ache and complete exhaustion. It felt like a serious Flu that I couldn't recover from.  I lost 3.5kg in 1 week. 
Thank heavens for Master Oh who gave me 2 energy treatments and as if by magic at the end of the first session I felt an improvement of 50% and the next day, a few hours after the second treatment, I completely recovered.  They are some things that one cannot explain, but this proves Qi energy really has no limits."    - Liz
Have you been struggling with some...
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Messages from My Dad

Have you ever lost a loved one and wish you could still connect with them? Would you like confirmation that they're still around or to know if they're at peace? When my dad suddenly passed, I was crushed. At that time, I didn't know what I believed or what was possible. Until one day, I did.

Even though my Dad died over twenty five years ago, today I consistently feel his presence, love and guidance. He visits me when I dream and I get signs of all kinds on a regular basis. He's given me more peace and in turn, I've been able to help him too.

But years ago, it was a different story. "Tears. Heartache. Grief. Tears. Heartache. Grief." Those were the exact words a psychic said to me when my friend and I went for a reading as a lark. I watched with curiosity as this little old lady with a crystal ball turned over the next tarot card. I was hoping for better news. Instead, it was the 'death card' and if that wasn't shocking enough, she immediately asked "Who's...

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How to Calm Down

anxiety calm May 09, 2021

Feeling stressed? Anxious? 

Have you tried... breathing techniques? Walking in nature? Journaling? 

Medication? Remedies? Meditation? Mindfulness? Bodywork? Energy work? Coaching or therapy? Sound Therapy or aromatherapy? CBD Oil or cannabis? 

Perhaps you've tried..Yoga? Laughter Yoga? EFT? CBT? NLP? Exercise? Hugging a tree? How about watching a funny movie? Hmm.. 

Well, there's a list of things you can try... and if what you've been doing has worked for you, great! Stay with it.
But if the list above or a variation thereof, has helped somewhat but hasn’t solved your issue at the core, it might interest you to know that this anxiety you feel, may not actually be yours. You may unknowingly be tapping into the frequency of those around you.
So who’s around you? Hopefully loved ones presently, but something you may not have considered are loved ones who have passed.
While they may be gone physically, they are still...
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