Hi, I'm Alison Tennen, the founder of Calm Down, Years ago, two things happened. One, I began struggling with severe anxiety after a sudden loss and two, I had some kind of a psychic opening as my intuition had become stronger and I'm more able to help others gain insight. I already had Degrees in Music, Education and Psychology and had a thriving business teaching piano before my life changed on a dime.

in my quest to find inner peace, I became a certified Yoga Instructor, Strategy Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader. I became a trained in Reiki and gave Oneness Blessings. Once I made strides overcoming my own struggles, I became the founder of Calm Down.


More about me:
Another major turning point in my life occurred a few years ago, when I was struggling to find help for my daughter as she became unwell with undiagnosed stomach issues and unstable emotions. After trying countless medical and health professional protocols, I watched my daughter's condition deteriorate. It was beyond concerning. 
Then one day, I met a qi energy practitioner who could help.
She introduced me to a process which helped to clear heavy, inherited energy. I didn't need to understand fully, I just wanted it to work.
I had already invested so much time and money trying to help her heal and I wasn't about to give up anytime soon. So I tried this process called ancestor healing.
To my delight and amazement, I started to see my daughter become calmer and slowly her stomach issues resolved. She still has some chronic pain but good strides were made in resolving some symptoms. Over time, I noticed that many things began to improve. I had more energy, we were all getting along better and I was experiencing more serendipity in my life.
I now understand that our ancestors' energy affects us all positively and negatively. Since one's frequency remains unchanged after physical life, any ancestors who suffered trauma or hardship are vibrating at a lower frequency. Just like any tree, the vitality of the invisible roots impacts the rest of the tree as it is one inseparable unit. Our family tree is no different.
The energetic state of your ancestors can unknowingly affect you mentally, physically, financially and karmically because you attract what you vibrate. When you change this fundamental vibration, it can positively impact your health, opportunities and even your relationships. 
I also discovered that when families merge, ancestors do too and this invisible, extended energetic network of influences often affect your family's wellbeing. 
I'd like to learn more about ancestor healing
While we live and operate in a visible, physical, material world, few seem to realize that all things manifest from the unseen world, just like flowers that sprout from the ground.
If someone in your family is struggling with an addiction, health challenge or if you'd like to remedy your kid's behaviour, processing skills, mental health it's important to note that the root cause of many conditions are actually energetically inherited. Who knew?
I come from a very medical, academic family but when I witnessed the profound recovery ancestor healing had on my daughter, it made me want to get the word out and shout from the rooftops because I'll never forget the agony of seeing my daughter in such pain and feeling like nothing and nobody could help her after trying so many things.
I was so impressed in fact, it led me to take my next step toward transformation, my biggest and boldest... and in May of 2019, I went to S. Korea to become a Qi Energy Master. 
Now I'm qualified to give virtual Qi energy treatments and I can connect you to a Sr. Master if you're interested in the other services they provide, virtually and potentially in person. 
So while I continue to develop my skills and cultivate myself and help my students and clients get into a vibrational calmer state through virtual coaching, Qi energy treatments and through my piano teaching biz, I wonder about you...how are you managing in these crazy times? 
Are you seeking solutions to help yourself or your kids feel calmer? If so, I invite you to reach out to book a complimentary, Calming Consultation.

When you're calmer, you can breathe easier and sleep deeper. Your immune system is stronger, you become a better problem solver, you're more approachable, there's more harmony in the home and your quality of life naturally improves.


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