My name is Alison Tennen, and I'm the founder of calmdown.ca.

The mission of Calm Down is to offer strategies to help stressed students, parents and professionals feel calmer so that they can move through life's challenges in more empowering ways.

When each of us cultivates and experiences more inner peace, the quality of life improves and we co-create a better world.

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Years ago, after a sudden loss, I began struggling with anxiety and my world began to shrink. I stopped wanting to socialize and I became more fearful than ever.

Needless to say, I realized I needed to learn how to calm down! And... this became my mission. Back then, I had acquired Degrees in Education, Music & Psychology. I was already teaching school and had my own thriving biz as a piano teacher. I had no idea that anxiety could be so debilitating as well as motivating.

I was driven to study countless healing modalities, became a Certified Yoga Instructor, Strategy Coach and, when I discovered that I had also lost my laugh, I began Laughter Yoga and became certified in that as well.

Over time, as I continually gained support and insight, acquired the tools and strategies to help myself become calmer, more empowered and happier, I decided to use my teaching skills to help others do the same and Calm Down was born.

If you are looking for a coach or speaker, please feel free to get in touch at [email protected]


"Ali will inspire, guide and hold you accountable to take practical steps and follow through on bringing your dreams to reality. My most profound and rapid changes have taken place while being personally coached by Ali."

Claire Carew

"Thanks so very much for another very relaxing and empowering coaching session last night. I slept incredibly well and feel so much stronger, wiser and less vulnerable today. Your insights into my tendencies and the simple yet powerful techniques you gave me to help me think and feel differently are things I could never have figured out on my own. I now have tools I can pull out whenever and wherever I need to feel more grounded, strong and calm. Best of all, I felt completely safe and comfortable opening up to you. I am grateful for all you have taught me and can’t wait to have another session soon.”With appreciation"

Tracy K

"Ali came into my life during a very difficult period when I was struggling with unexplained health issues. I felt that she understood my anxiety immediately and she helped me move forward from there. She is generous with her time and with sharing her skills-during our very first phone call she guided me through a very powerful relaxation that I shall never forget. If you require reality based coaching to help you get on with your life, I would strongly recommend working Ali"

Marianne J.

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