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You have the world at your fingertips. This means you may well be exposed to explicit messages and images that go against your true nature. You may be experiencing your vivid imagination as a burden rather than a creative gift. Living in these fast-changing and technological times, chronic distraction and pressures of all kinds can disturb your nervous system, split your energy and lure you into isolation. If you're feeling stressed or anxious, it's understandable.

What can you do? Join The Calm Club.

This group is for anyone suffering from anxiety ages 15+ There are rules around safety and confidentiality. First off, if you are needing urgent emotional care or if you feel like you may harm yourself or another, please call please call kids help line or call 911 as this site does not provide therapy but here's what it does offer... a safe and supportive place to connect with me and others and an opportunity to learn strategies coping and experience calming processes. Nothing personal about what stresses you is to be shared because this space is intended to help you retrain your focus and nervous system so you can feel calmer.


Parents & Teachers

Anxious About Your Anxious Kids? Somehow age doesn't seem to matter when it comes to anxiety, because the need for security and support is so strong that it can be overwhelming for all involved. 

What can you do? Join the Calm Club.

This is a great resource for parents and teachers who want to help their kids and students feel calmer. Learn strategies to help yourself feel calmer too because you know, when you're calmer, your kids can sense that too.

If you're looking for more support and you're curious and wonder if private coaching with me might suit you, I invite you book a free call to learn more. A variety of options are available.


"Feedback from participants from half day workshop: “You have to do this! I found a way to meditate that eliminated the chatter I have been battling for years. This entire course was valuable and captivating. I am not one of those new-age people. This is no bullish*t course. I am so glad I did it!"

Mike P.

"Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge so generously. Your “groundedness’ is tangible and inspiring. Time just flew by during this program such that I could have continued for much longer, learning more and more techniques. I felt completely relaxed and stress-free throughout. Thank you for the useful tools you have provided. Since they were presented couched in the reality of our everyday lives, they seem achievable. I will start integrating these techniques immediately !"

Barbara K.

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