Secretly Anxious?

Are you feeling discouraged? Struggling with feeling anxious, overwhelmed or under the gun to get things done? Is any part of you is clenching? Do you ever paste on a smile all the while you're trying to hold it altogether on the inside? Do you ever look around at others and secretly wonder what's wrong with you? Then you're not're surviving.

It's natural to get anxious at times but being stressed long term  sucks the joy out of everything. It drains your energy. It steals your focus and floods your mind with negative thoughts and takes a toll on your health. Trying to manage your life while you're clenching, contracting, resisting, avoiding, distracting, shrinking or stressing is not serving you...


What Can You Do?

Sometimes you don't notice how dim a room is until a few bulbs are replaced. If you ever wonder when your life is going to get truth, life gets better when you begin to feel better. There is so much to gain when you open yourself up to a little more support, intuitive insight and outside perspective. 

  • Book a free session via telephone and then decide if this is what you've secretly been hoping for....after never know where one small action will lead. 


Three Session Package

"Feedback from participants from half day workshop: “You have to do this! I found a way to meditate that eliminated the chatter I have been battling for years. This entire course was valuable and captivating. I am not one of those new-age people. This is no bullish*t course. I am so glad I did it!"

Mike P.

"Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge so generously. Your “groundedness’ is tangible and inspiring. Time just flew by during this program such that I could have continued for much longer, learning more and more techniques. I felt completely relaxed and stress-free throughout. Thank you for the useful tools you have provided. Since they were presented couched in the reality of our everyday lives, they seem achievable. I will start integrating these techniques immediately !"

Barbara K.

Sessions for Individuals & Private Groups

HATHA YOGA, REIKI, MEDITATION, NDT(FORGIVENESS) sessions available for individuals or private groups. Call 647-688-7877 to inquire or book your sessions

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