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STRESS BUSTERS SEMINARS for Schools are designed to help students and/or parent audiences. While these seminars can be customizable, they are always interactive and offer unique and powerful ways to combat stress, anxiety and depression. A variety of strategies are offered to minimize the effects of toxic stress and to improve one's focus, inner dialogue and state. Parent audiences can learn these techniques to better support themselves and their kids when challenged. Interested in learning more? Get in touch at [email protected]

Stress Buster Seminars

Stress Busters Seminar #1    

13 REASONS WHY NOT: This is a sensitive topic that has less to do with the show and more to do with cultivating greater self-acceptance and self-compassion. In this seminar, students will learn how their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and language can either strengthen them or weaken them. As students are guided though a series of simple, yet powerful processes, they can use this knowledge to better support themselves emotionally, become more proactive and empowered. 

Stress Busters Seminar #2

INSTACALM PROGRAM: Consists of a series of simple, yet powerful techniques to help students calm down when they're feeling the pressure of daily life. These tools can benefit students who are super sensitive, perfectionistic, lacking confidence, focus or initiative, as well as those who struggle with anxiety and depression.

Stress Busters Seminar #3  

L.O.L. TRAININGS Through experiencing sustained laughter, students become empowered as they learn to override the voice of their inner critic and overcome the fear of being judged. L.O.L. trainings shift the body's chemistry in a powerfully positive way. These trainings are high energy and engaging and offer a safe and effective tool students can learn to use to combat stress, anxiety and depression. Sound good?

Call 647-688-7877 to book your today. Each Seminar is 1.5 hours @ $375 if local.

Unwind Mastermind for Students Grades 12+ Opening January 2018

For just $16/month, students can join the Unwind Mastermind which will take place via an online conferencing platform. 

"What happens when people open their hearts?...They get better" -Haruki Murakumi


Personal Coaching for Students is available via Skype/telephone or in person if local. Parents/Guardian approval is required for students under 18 years old.

* Please note: While coaching here can be therapeutic, this is not therapy or a replacement for any other modalities such as medication or other professional psychological support. 

"Feedback from participants from half day workshop: “You have to do this! I found a way to meditate that eliminated the chatter I have been battling for years. This entire course was valuable and captivating. I am not one of those new-age people. This is no bullish*t course. I am so glad I did it!"

Mike P.

"Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge so generously. Your “groundedness’ is tangible and inspiring. Time just flew by during this program such that I could have continued for much longer, learning more and more techniques. I felt completely relaxed and stress-free throughout. Thank you for the useful tools you have provided. Since they were presented couched in the reality of our everyday lives, they seem achievable. I will start integrating these techniques immediately !"

Barbara K.

Sessions for Individuals & Private Groups

HATHA YOGA, REIKI, MEDITATION, NDT(FORGIVENESS) sessions available for individuals or private groups. Call 647-688-7877 to inquire or book your sessions

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