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Nothing like a little retail therapy to take the edge off. Right? Kidding...kind of. This kind of shopping can be the most satisfying of all. Why? Because, you'll begin to look and feel better from the inside out.

You are invited to invest in yourself. Ever feel stuck or disempowered? Ready to feel better? Scroll all the way down and see what suits you best.

Boost Your Lifebido

Feeling anxious is tough but feeling anxious and alone can be unbearable. Coaching can open your eyes to new ways of seeing. Open your heart to forgiving and receiving. Open your mind to new ways of thinking. Open the door to greater peace.

3 Coaching Sessions

Nutritonal Support

Isagenix offers high quality nutrition to boost your energy, lessen stress and support your well being. It's hard to feel empowered when your body is lacking strength and vitality. Enjoy guilt -free healthy and delicious chocolates, coffee, shakes, bars, supplements and more!

Boost My Vitality!

Essential Oils

Interested in using Aromatherapy to help you calm down? Essential Oils have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years in various cultures. Calm your mood and enjoy creating healthy natural body care and household products. DoTerra offers high quality oils and include guides on how they can help.

Show me some oils!

Know anyone that needs to calm down?

Get a Calm Down Kit!

This Kit consists of

  • One Cozy Blanket
  • One Calm Down Mug (that says Calm Down' on one side and 'I'm feeling calmer already' on the other side)
  • One Tin of Bach Flower Pastilles
  • Three Sachets of Soothing Tea
  • One Journal
  • One Lavender Oil 
  • Two Dark Chocolate Bars 
  • One Hour Private Coaching Session with me personally via Zoom/Telephone. 

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