Meditations & Manifestations

Deliberately Create An Amazing Year!

Are you still hoping to knock it out of the park this year? Lose that weight, boost your biz, find true love? Sadly, hope is not a strategy and research states that willpower alone, is often not enough. The good news is, you are invited to participate in some beautiful and powerful meditations and uplifting processes that will help you deliberately create the positive outcomes you desire. This series is inspired by what science is now able to prove in the field of Quantum Physics.

“You must feel a new energy . . . to become something greater than your body, your environment, and time . . so that you have dominion over your body, your environment, and time. . .Become a thought that affects matter. . "― Joe Dispenza, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

Maybe you realize that everything that manifests in form, is first created in the energetic realm through our thoughts and emotions.

This is great news because all you need to do then, is focus on what you want vs. what concerns you.

The challenge is that typically we can get so immersed in ‘what is’, we end up manifesting more of the same.

These sessions are designed to help you break these chronic patterns of thinking and feeling that may be holding you back.

So, I'm inviting you to dive in and participate in these empowering processes so you can and immerse yourself in the field of intention with an elevated emotion.

It is in this vibratory state that more miracles begin to occur.

“combine a clear intention with an uncompromising trust in possibility, then you’ll step into the unknown, and that’s when the supernatural starts to unfold. I think that you and I are at our best when we’re in this state of being.”  Joe Dispenza, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter


Join me
for Meditations & Manifestations: 

When: Sunday: 5:30-7:00pm February, 25, 2018

Where: Vital Ki Natural Health Centre, 352 Bedford Park, Ave.
M5M 1J8 (near Lawrence & Avenue Road) Ages 13+

Register now or pay $30 cash at the door. 

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