Hath & Laugh

Join me for a complimentary Hatha & Laughter Yoga class at Lululemon on Briar Hill & Yonge. 

Hatha Yoga is an amazing way to de-stress your body and calm your mind. Laughter Yoga has a magical way of elevating your mood, energy and vibration. Silly as it may seem, the laughter is a radical yet powerful and fun way to overcome self criticism, seriousness and to help counteract the negativity we're exposed to on a regular basis. Come stretch and laugh with me! 

                 " Laughter is the shortest distance between two people"-Victor Borge

When: Sunday: 9:30-10:30am March 4th, 2018


2558 Yonge St 
Toronto , Ontario , Canada

(416) 487-1390 
[email protected]

First Come First Served 

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