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Nothing like a little retail therapy to take the edge off. Right? Kidding...kind of. This kind of shopping can be the most satisfying of all. Why? Because, you'll begin to look and feel better from the inside out.

You are invited to invest in yourself. Ever feel stuck or disempowered? Ready to feel better? Scroll all the way down and see what suits you best.

6 Weeks to Calmer Kids

   This program contains proven step-by-step strategies designed to help your child (ages 6-16) learn the tools they need to help them manage stress and anxiety in this age of stimulation and information overload. Virtual or in-person sessions are available. 

Reduce the Stress, Release the Weight

When you're stressed, your cortisol and insulin levels rise and this often leads to overeating or craving unhealthy foods. It's not your fault! This eight week coaching program offers empowering strategies to help you calm down and slim down too.



Email [email protected] for more information and to register for your first free mini session.

InstaCalm Program

This twelve week coaching program will help you see some of the inner conflicts and negative thinking patterns that are creating stress and anxiety in your life. As you break old patterns and shift your vibration you will feel calmer, more empowered and truly comfortable in your own skin. 


Free Yourself from the Fear of Flying

  • Overcome the fear of flying and book that vacation!
  • Conquer catastrophic thinking before you get on a plane
  •  Acquire strategies to help you become a calmer flyer (even if it's turbulent!)
  • email [email protected] to inquire about this 4 week coaching coaching program



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