Preppers, Don't Overlook This!

Have you been stocking up on extra supplies, food and water should there be an outage or worse? Do you feel prepared in these ever-changing times?

You can have the greatest pantry and have a wealth of skills and knowledge but if you don't have good karma, what chance do you have of survival, even on a daily basis?

Are you aware that you have loved ones looking out for you? You do, yet some are not in a position to help protect you as much as you might like. It depends on their vibrational state. If your ancestors passed and went to a bright place, their light and vibration can be a positive influence.

Conversely, if any of them experienced trauma or suffering then their heavy vibration can negatively affect you in a myriad of ways. This is because we are both genetically connected and energetically connected. The roots and the fruits from any tree, always share the same frequency. 

If 'like attracts like', then it's important to raise your vibration to attract more positive people and circumstances toward you, thereby improving your karma. But how do you improve the heavy energy of your ancestors whose vibration remains unchanged once they enter the invisible world? 

Through a process called Ancestor Healing

In working with a Sr. Qi energy master in person or virtually, you can improve this inherited energy in as little as 21 days. Through a short course of 4 weekly ceremonies which includes an offering of food, fruit, flowers and wine, the master chants so they can tune into Source energy and transmit this powerful vibration of light, love and energy to help your ancestors get into a brighter state. 

(Your job is to receive as much Qi energy as possible during that time by joining Qi energy classes, chanting or receiving treatments because this is deep healing and this energy will support you and your family. All of this is available online and in person depending on your location.)

Now this whole thing may seem a little less tangible than the canned goods you have shelved but even those are made up of moving atoms as everything is energy and emits a vibration.

In truth, two years ago when I first heard about this healing method, it was a lot to digest but when I saw my daughter's health improve through this process as well as other positive changes occur, I knew this was not to be undermined. As we know, the world is a wondrous place, full of things the mind can't fully comprehend.  

Now I'm not in the convincing business but some facts are undeniable.

  •  We are part of nature.
  • "Everything is energy and we live in a vibrational Universe" Albert Einstein
  •  As with any tree, the roots and the fruits are energetically connected. 

When you do Ancestor healing, you've helped them have a brighter eternity. You've helped your family's frequency. You've cleared some energetic obstacles and this will help you deal with whatever lies ahead.

So while you're quietly replenishing your pantry, remember, it would also support you to fortify your family tree.

If you would like to book a complimentary virtual coaching or Qi energy session or learn more about ancestor healing, book here to get all your questions answered. 

 Alison Tennen

Strategy Coach & Qi Energy Master

founder of




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