Messages from My Dad

Have you ever lost a loved one and wish you could still connect with them? Would you like confirmation that they're still around or to know if they're at peace? When my dad suddenly passed, I was crushed. At that time, I didn't know what I believed or what was possible. Until one day, I did.

Even though my Dad died over twenty five years ago, today I consistently feel his presence, love and guidance. He visits me when I dream and I get signs of all kinds on a regular basis. He's given me more peace and in turn, I've been able to help him too.

But years ago, it was a different story. "Tears. Heartache. Grief. Tears. Heartache. Grief." Those were the exact words a psychic said to me when my friend and I went for a reading as a lark. I watched with curiosity as this little old lady with a crystal ball turned over the next tarot card. I was hoping for better news. Instead, it was the 'death card' and if that wasn't shocking enough, she immediately asked "Who's Al?” I was horrified.

"Al is my Dad!!... is he gonna die???" She gave me a vague reply and a cassette of the reading and I returned home to my boyfriend in a state of shock and confusion. Do I tell my family or do I just shrug it off? I was terrified and paralyzed as to what to do next. My dad was a psychoanalyst who walked miles a day with his patients. He lived a very healthy lifestyle and was still young and vibrant. I couldn't imagine the reading bearing any truth.

Days later, I finally took my boyfriend's advice and I pulled the ribbon out of the  cassette imagining it was being pulled from my memory at the same time. I then tossed the tape of the reading and I declared aloud "I don't believe in psychics!" 

Until, one day, I did.

It was only a couple months later when my Dad discovered a health issue and he opted to have surgery. Ten days later, just when we thought he was getting better and about come home, he died due to post-op complications, right on my parent's 39th wedding anniversary. 

For countless months, I was swallowed up in a sea of grief, depression, anxiety, anger and guilt. I felt responsible because I had a 'heads up’ but later learned from a gifted intuitive healer, that this information was intended to prepare me emotionally and not prevent him from passing.

It wasn't long after he passed when I began having dreams of my Dad and I was receiving clear messages. He wished me a Happy Birthday and greeted me with a smile and a kiss right before I awoke on the morning of my 30th. My other family members got signs too, like when they went on vacation one time and the rental car license practically spelled our last name, Tennen. What are the chances? 

Another time, I dreamed I was holding a baby and he said "it's time" so with that guidance, my spouse and I tried once and then I counted the days on the calendar to see when I could get an accurate pregnancy test result. I was stunned when the day fell on the exact the date of his passing. That night when my mom had the family over for dinner in memory of him, I announced the news that we had conceived our first child. 

But this connection to him became even stronger after I incidentally met a Qi Energy Master in 2018, who introduced me to a process called Ancestor Healing."What's that?" I asked. I had studied countless healing modalities for over twenty years by then and this was something different.

Master Park explained: It’s a healing process that includes a short series of weekly ceremonies led by a Sr. Qi Energy Master such as herself. An offering of fruit, food, flowers and wine is made. Some chanting occurs to invoke this unique Qi energy. This powerful vibration of light, love and energy is transmitted through the selected ancestors' generational lines to help them get into a brighter vibrational state. This helps to heal intergenerational trauma, clear some karmic inherited patterns and lift off a lot of heavy, negative energy.

As a result, the whole family benefits in a variety of ways because we are genetically, and energetically connected. I was told that this method has helped people with physical conditions, mental health issues, financial problems, those struggling in relationship and so on. You just never know what symptoms may come up during the healing process or what blessings will unfold at the end of it.

That sounded just as magical as a sunlit moon or as far-fetched as being able to beam our thoughts across the globe seconds through a simple text! I was open. I already knew my dad was in a good place but I had no idea I could help get him, my grandparents and long-ago ancestors who may not be at peace, get into an even brighter vibrational state. 

Apparently, good people can still have bad karma because what goes around, comes around and to my surprise, I learned that this law spirals down to the next generations. Since our frequency remains the same after physical life, our ancestors positive or negative energy remains and influences ours. Why? Because we are part of the same tree.

Intriguing as this was, in truth, I was mostly keen to do this because I was desperately trying to help my daughter heal some severe symptoms and nothing medical or alternative had worked up until then. Was this real, would it work? I didn't know, but I understood that everything is energy, and that if ‘like attracts like’ then changing this inherited energy, could change everything. I was most curious.

It was February and I had previously bought a bouquet of helium-filled, foil heart balloons and put them in the front hallway. The long plastic straws that anchored them were firmly tucked in the curly crevice at the base of the wooden banister. One balloon had the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” another had “Happy Birthday” written on it. Another one read “I love you.” And the rest were plain pink and red. My family and I blew past them at least 1000 times coming and going that month, all the while they remained in place. 

My new friend, Master Park and I walked by the balloons with groceries in hand as we were about to set up the first ceremony in the dining room. Typically, it would be hosted in the Qi Centre where one could join in person or even online but the Toronto Centre was just being built. We picked a time when nobody else was home so we could take over the kitchen for a while.

A couple of hours later, the ceremony was over, the dishes were washed and neatly put away. I packed and refrigerated a load of energized, blessed food for my family to enjoy for the rest of the week. As Master Park was ready to leave, I suddenly stopped in amazement. One balloon was standing across the hall from the rest... as if it walked there itself. Which one? Can you guess? The message “I love you” came through. This was the first of countless clues that revealed to me that I was on the right path.

So what about you? Do you believe your loved ones are around? Do you get signs from them also sometimes? Do you wish to strengthen your connection and activate more peace? Do you want to ease grief or heal a condition for yourself or someone you care about?

If you've come to this point in the article then maybe it's no coincidence. I invite you to book a complimentary virtual Coaching or Qi energy session to learn more about how intuitive coaching can help you gain greater insight or how ancestor healing can activate healing and blessings for your family. 

Wishing you much inner peace, grace and ease,


Alison Tennen
founder of
Strategy Coach, Qi Energy Master

p.s. I was so amazed by the visible transformation in my daughter and by the affirming messages I received from my dad, I later trained to be a Qi Energy Master too. I now offer virtual Qi energy treatments and for deeper healing, connect you to a Sr. Master if you wish to get all your questions answered.



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