Mental Health in Teens-Healing Inherited Influences

Do you have a child or teen who is struggling with mental or physical health issues? 

Since anxiety 'runs in my family' I've had my challenges with that, and my kids have too. Of course, these kinds of issues can run through our generational lines because we came from our parents and our parents came from theirs, and so on. What I didn't know, is that we can actually clear some of these inherited conditions and help our whole family become healthier until I experienced this first-hand.

Years ago, when my daughter was struggling with health issues, I couldn't find one medical or alternative professional to truly help her. She began having stomach pain every time she ate and her emotions were becoming hard for all of us to manage. 

I was so sad that with all my training in personal development and skills in multiple healing modalities, I still couldn't find a way to take ease her physical and emotional pain. I was concerned because I could see signs of her being troubled and that kept us seeking support and the rest of us walking on eggshells. I was a single mom by then who became single-mindedly consumed with trying to find a solution.

It wasn't until I incidentally met a Qi Energy Master who said she could help. She started by giving my daughter Qi energy treatments on a weekly basis. These sessions helped to open some blockages in her stomach, allowing the energy to flow properly to restore her digestive health. 
A while later she introduced a method called Ancestor Healing for deeper transformation. I had no idea what she was talking about or how it could have anything to do with my daughter's symptoms. While I knew we inherited our ancestors DNA, I didn’t know we also inherited their energy and that it was affecting us in a myriad of ways.
Albert Einstein confirmed that "energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed” and I learned that this was true of the energy of our ancestors as well. Those of our ancestors who suffered trauma or who had negative thoughts, behaviours or lived a sad or troubled life, their low vibrational frequency remains unchanged long after their physical life. 
It took me a while to grasp that their energy could actually be affecting ours after countless generations but eventually it began to make sense, that as with any tree, the invisible roots support the visible fruits. Their energy is inseparable, like two sides of the same coin. 

Ancestor Healing with a Qi Energy Master (trained by Master Oh) is a method that can transform the energy of selected generational lines and help our family tree get into a vibrationally brighter state. Had I not seen my daughter transform before my eyes in the most profoundly positive ways, I wouldn't quite have believed it! 

I also learned that the more complex and extended the family tree becomes, the more ancestors are blended into the mix and therein lies a lot of added energetic influences. That's why sometimes our kids start to show symptoms when there's been a change in the family dynamics.

Having to manage our ancestors' inherited energy can be a challenge. Once we add exes and new partners in the equation, it's suffice to say, our kids are dealing with a lot more than just having to visibly adapt to a change of our modified family structure. 

Whether you believe it or not, the energy of our family tree influences all of us. We weren't just born out of blue from nothing. Cultivated, good hearted and bright ancestors are guiding us and supporting us, whereas lower level ancestors are still unsettled and affecting us with their frequency because we are both genetically connected and energetically affected. 

Albert Einstein said "Everything is energy...we live in a vibrational Universe" 

When I was a Music Teacher I saw all kinds of kids with issues and parents seeking help over twenty-eight years but I had no knowledge this method existed. As an educated parent who comes from a highly academic and medical- minded family, I've come to realize we cannot solve problems using the intellect alone because it has its limitations. There is magic and mystery around our existence and what happens after our physical lives and this confounds our rational mind.

But in truth, as we are part of nature, we need only to look at how our family tree is quite like any tree. Just because the roots are invisible, it doesn't mean they don't fact, we inherently understand, the healthier the roots, the stronger the tree.

Ancestor Healing with a Sr. Qi Energy Master is a powerful way to both truly honour and help your ancestors and loved ones passed, get into a brighter vibrational state and bring them more peace. When their vibration improves, inevitably yours does too. And since 'like attracts like' when you change the energy of your family tree, what you and your family attracts also improves. This is how you can essentially clear karma for your whole family and create better luck, health and harmony. 

If you are struggling to manage your kids' physical, mental or emotional health concerned about any family member's condition and would learn more, book your complimentary virtual Coaching or Qi energy session here. 

 Alison Tennen

 founder of

Strategy Coach and Qi Energy Master


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