Lockdowns and Lethargy

Has being on lockdown taken an energetic toll on you or your family? Have you been feeling lethargic and having a tough time getting your kids (or yourself) to move or leave the house even to go for a walk?

I understand, given the circumstances of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, but I discovered something a couple of years ago that I believe can benefit you especially in these crazy times. 

It was before covid when my kids began struggling to get up and out of bed for school. One was a night owl and my older one became unwell with conditions that were debilitating and depressing. While seeking solutions, I met a Qi Energy Master one day at my chiropractor's office and she gave us all a treatment. When booking following sessions, I asked if she could come to us. Thankfully, she said yes.

A few days later, this woman, Master Park, came to give us in-house treatments at my mom's as we live altogether. Even though it's a pretty house, I got the sense that she was uncomfortable. When I asked her about it, she revealed that the house could benefit from an energy clearing. I told her that I used sage and Tibetan chimes sometimes to clear negative energy but she assured me that those practices were insufficient. 

I was really surprised to hear that. She suggest I book a "House Blessing Ceremony' with her to clear out the heavy, prickly energy she felt upon entering because she believed this was contributing to my kids' lethargy. Unlike Feng Shui, this was not about the flow of energy, but about transforming the energy from dark and stagnant to bright and clear. Creating positive energy in the space was most important.

This Blessing Ceremony included an offering food, fruit, flowers and wine and some chanting to help activate a unique vibration to clear out any stale, negative energy including any wandering spirits. In turn, it would infuse the home with more light, love and positive energy. This process would offer spiritual protection and foster a more harmonious home.

She explained that some past clients did this to help remedy recurring accidents in their home while others did it to halt paranormal activity. Some people cleared their workspace to improve their business and others did it to help a rough renovation go smoothly afterwards. Regardless of the reason, every building and home and piece of land holds energetic imprints of the past and when your living space is properly cleared, it benefits everyone.

My heart leapt with enthusiasm, "ok then let's do it!" But soon after she left, my intellect was trying to grasp how this worked and I wondered why I would consider investing in something purely invisible. I was conflicted. The next day, while buying the groceries, I remember asking myself if I was crazy as I watched myself literally place things in and out of the shopping cart with indecision, but something kept telling me to just keep going.

The ceremony could take place in a Qi centre if you're near one or even online but since this was before covid, we had it onsite. Before leaving, Master Park checked the energy of every room in the house to make sure it was clear. I watched her face calibrate the quality of energy I could not see or feel. When she left, I felt unsure if anything really dramatic occurred but I trusted her as she'd been a Master for around twenty years. The next morning, something was notably different when I saw my older daughter up, showered and ready to roll in time for school and this was the first of several signs that something had definitely shifted for the better. 

I began to realize that there was something unique and special about this Qi energy and I later learned about a process called Ancestor Healing that helped to improve the energy and wellbeing of my whole family. I needed only to look at my daughter for visible proof as she improved so much over time. Even though I'm a certified Strategy Coach, her results inspired me to also train and become Qi Energy Master.

So tell me, how are you doing at home? Are you feeling like you'd like an energy makeover in your house, workspace or cottage? Could you handle a little less chaos and a lot more calm?

If you're interested in learning more about having a House Blessing Ceremony or want the energy in your place virtually assessed, I invite you to book here.  

A complimentary, virtual Coaching Session or Qi energy treatment is also available in your booked session to help you feel calmer on all levels.

Alison Tennen

Strategy Coach and Qi Energy Master

founder of calmdown.ca



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