I Used to Be Normal

I used to be normal…I used to believe in that which was logical and explainable. In fact, I was raised to be realistic but that didn't stick because I’ve had so many unusual experiences that have changed my perspective and my life.

Here’s one story…years ago, when I was married, my husband and I bought a cottage in Muskoka. We lived in Toronto and we could only get there on some weekends and holidays. Nonetheless, it still needed some light furnishing and decor. Being the non designer that I am, I went into a store that sold posters and I found a matching set that met my criteria exactly. They were both colourful and cottagey. One picture was of fish and the other, of birds and I had them both plaque - mounted and hung in the basement bedroom of our cottage.
A few months later, as my thirty-fifth birthday was approaching, my husband and I were at the point in our relationship when we began discussing when would be the right time to start a family. In fact, I asked my family and friends how they knew when it was time to have kids. Some said, “you’ll know when you know” and others said, “you’ll never be ready because nothing can prepare you so don’t wait". But, I did wait for a bit, and then, I knew. My answer came in a series of three consecutive dreams. The first night, I dreamt I was in a maternity store and I bought a large white night shirt with an orange cat on it. (Which incidentally, I received that exact gift a month later from a girlfriend who knew nothing about the dream!) The next night, I dreamt I was holding a baby! The third night, I dreamt about my dad. He died suddenly years prior…right on my parents’ thirty-ninth wedding anniversary. I dreamt about him before but this time, he told me "it's time".
So, I told my husband the next morning and, a few days later we went to the cottage on a Friday night and after one attempt, we went to sleep. The next morning, I woke up and told my husband "I feel funny" He looked at me like I was crazy, and, knowing that sometimes crazy things happen, we agreed to refrain from engaging in this way until we know if my "feeling funny" meant I was pregnant. So, off I went to the drug store and I bought a home pregnancy kit and opened my calendar to see when I could take the test. Would you believe? The date fell right on the anniversary of my father’s passing and my parents’ wedding. That night, when my mom had dinner in honour of him, I brought the good news to the table to told my family, we were having a baby! We wondered if its birthday would be the same as my dad’s because the due date fell within the same week, but that remained to be seen.

Well this is only the tip of the serendipitous iceberg because how this story ends will give you likely give you goosebumps! While I did share the rest of this story at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown Toronto at Momondays on June 27th/16, I'm adding it to a whole compilation of true and amazing personal stories of serendipity and magic so stay tuned. I'm also sharing this story and others live at a variety of upcoming events. Interested in booking me to yours? Feel free to reach out. In the meantime, be open to a miracle because bigger wheels are turning. 

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Alison Tennen has Degrees in Education, Music & Psychology. She has also studied countless healing modalities and is a certified Coach, Yoga Instructor and Laughter Yoga Leader. She is the creator of Calm Down and she uses her intuition and skills to teach her clients how to calm down naturally through coaching, workshops and laughter. She’s worked with students, business professionals, parents and …the secretly anxious. For more information visit calmdown.ca

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