How to Stop Anxiety Attacks

Do you suffer from anxiety attacks and have yet to find something that really helps?

I can relate. Years ago, after the sudden passing of my dad, two things happened. One, I became extremely anxious and two, I had a psychic opening whereby my intuition really kicked in. That set me on my journey to seek pathways to inner peace until I eventually acquired the skills and made enough strides to become the founder of

In truth, it takes work for most of us to conquer anxiety, especially since Covid. When I was struggling, I dove deep and tried all sorts of things and while there are now a million and one options out there, I'm hoping to help save you some time (and agony), so I narrowed down three things that helped me the most. I took a multi-faceted approach and tried a variety of therapies to help my mind, body and spirit. Having become a yoga instructor just scratched the surface for me.

One: finding a skilled coach can be incredibly helpful.

For years, I went to trained therapists, talented healers and saw skilled coaches. They taught me the power of receiving unwavering support, learning effective strategies, and gaining intuitive insight. I learned to train my mind to better serve me versus sabotage me. In time, I became a certified Strategy Coach and now offer support and strategies to my clients. I invite you to book a complimentary calming consultation and see how coaching can be of benefit to you.

Two: The power of Qi energy can recharge, rebalance and calm your body.

While trying to get myself into a consistently calmer state, I tried different things to help calm my body. I found that getting regular treatments from a chiropractor, acupuncturist, osteopath, masseuse, doing breath work and taking qiqong classes, yoga classes etc. all helped. 

More recently however, when I was trying to help my daughter resolve some unsettling health issues, I brought her to countless gifted doctors, healers and health practitioners but nothing changed. It was a really trying time and difficult for me to remain calm as I watched my daughter suffer with stomach pain and unstable emotions for a couple years.

Finally, one day we met a Qi Energy Master who knew how to truly help her when nothing and nobody else could. I was so relieved and amazed to see such dramatic improvement. My daughter had deep energetic blockages in her stomach, neck and shoulders that were affecting her appetite and mood and the treatments were helping release these blocks and resolve these issues. I could see we were on the right path.

Qi energy treatments and online classes also helped me improve my kidneys, adrenals which were low and my overall energy and alertness. It didn't take long for me to realize that we had stumbled on something uniquely special and powerful. Soon after, I decided to get trained as a Qi Energy Master too so I can help others heal and feel physically calmer.

Three: Doing Ancestor Healing with a Sr. Qi Energy Master clears heavy, inherited energy 

For years, I explored a variety of healing modalities and spiritual practices but while I was working with a Sr. Qi Energy Master to help my daughter, I learned about a method called Ancestor Healing and this helped to clear some deep-rooted inherited patterns that ran in my family, such as anxiety.

I never would have believed it but after physically seeing remarkable results in my daughter, I understood that we are indeed, energetically connected and strongly affected by our ancestors. Just as we inherited the DNA, we also inherit their energy. Since 'energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed', I learned that the frequency of our ancestors' vibrational state remains even long after they've passed. Since they are the roots of our family tree, we are directly impacted by their energetic states.

Through ancestor healing with a Qi Energy Master, they are able to help us transform and raise the frequency of our ancestors' state and, as a result, we can heal intergenerational trauma, addictions and conditions that may run through the energy of our family tree. Since 'like attracts like', then changing the fundamental energy that runs through our family tree is the greatest gift you can give your kids and to loved ones passed.

I not only saw my daughter's luck and health improve over time, I also felt happier, calmer and experienced more serendipity and grace.

Now of course, we live in a physical world and tend to rely on what we can tangibly see and feel, but let's not forget that we are living within a a highly organized solar system, spinning through space with a lot of magical, mysterious unknowns yet our intellect often overlooks this truth as it constantly tries to rationalize and understand.

Albert Einstein himself said "Everything is energy...we live in a vibrational Universe" I believe working to heal things on this level is the key towards deep and lasting transformation. 

While of course, it's true, you need to find what works for you, I hope I opened your mind and stirred your innate intuition, saved you some time, money and legwork. So if you're struggling to feel calmer or to heal a condition, I invite you to book a free virtual Coaching or Qi energy  session.


Alison Tennen

Strategy Coach and Qi Energy Master

founder of




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