How to Calm Down

anxiety calm May 09, 2021

Feeling stressed? Anxious? 

Have you tried... breathing techniques? Walking in nature? Journaling? 

Medication? Remedies? Meditation? Mindfulness? Bodywork? Energy work? Coaching or therapy? Sound Therapy or aromatherapy? CBD Oil or cannabis? 

Perhaps you've tried..Yoga? Laughter Yoga? EFT? CBT? NLP? Exercise? Hugging a tree? How about watching a funny movie? Hmm..🤔 

Well, there's a list of things you can try... and if what you've been doing has worked for you, great! Stay with it.
But if the list above or a variation thereof, has helped somewhat but hasn’t solved your issue at the core, it might interest you to know that this anxiety you feel, may not actually be yours. You may unknowingly be tapping into the frequency of those around you.
So who’s around you? Hopefully loved ones presently, but something you may not have considered are loved ones who have passed.
While they may be gone physically, they are still connected to us energetically.
Anything that "runs in the family" is passed through the generational family lines, but what I've recently learned after 25 years of seeking and exploring solutions, is that we don’t just inherit physical conditions and traits, we also inherit energetic states.
That means, if some of your ancestors lived and died in a vibrationally depressed or anxious state for example, (which is quite possible when you look back in history at countless atrocities), this depressed or anxious frequency from those who've passed, can actively be affecting you and your family today. Why? Because, energy never dies. But fortunately, it can be transformed!
In truth, everyone is influenced by a variety of inherited patterns. That's why just as someone may have inherited their auntie's blue eyes, someone else may have inherited their grandpa's fiery temper. In short, we are not just genetically connected, but we are also energetically interconnected.
So how do you untangle from that? First and foremost, by receiving Qi energy (in person or virtually) from a trained Qi energy Master. While this energy can help you relax, recharge and reset, it also helps you be less affected by negative energy overall. You can receive this energy through virtual or in person treatments or by doing Qi classes and courses.
I help parents and kids  get into a vibrationally calmer state through Coaching and offering virtual Qi energy treatments and piano lessons. If you are curious to learn more, feel free to book a complimentary Calming Consultation.
If you're interested in learning how you can help transform the energy of those around you and clear negativity, generational trauma and inherited karma, you can do this through a process called Ancestor Healing with someone on Master Oh's team. In this video, he explains further how you and your family can become vibrationally brighter, calmer and happier.
Curious to learn more? Simply book your free Calming Consultation to discover how Qi Energy Programs can support you and your family.
Written by Alison Tennen, founder of
  • Degrees in Psychology, Music and Education
  • Speaker, Strategy Coach and Qi Energy Master


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