Calm Down & Believe in Magic

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2016

Calm Down & Believe in Magic

We have been hypnotized and conditioned to be “realistic.” But believing that your scraped knee will heal on its own just doesn’t seem real. To me, even the medical explanation as to how that healing happens is mind boggling and unfathomable…so too, are the facts that we are spinning through space, we were once a fertilized egg, and plants give off oxygen.

Worse than being realistic is being incredibly desensitized to the magic that is undeniably everywhere. The notion that we can wirelessly transmit our thoughts through text in an instant and have our computer, television and telephone on a single device that we can pop into our pockets is not anywhere near anything I once thought would be possible. I remember having to sit down when I used the telephone because the receiver was attached by a spiralling cord. Now we're multi-tasking nearly everywhere we go. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, learning to calm down has never been more pertinent. Believe it’s possible. 
Whether you believe in fate, angels, the power of prayer, true love, karma, that everything happens for a reason it doesn’t matter. There are definitely mysterious and supernatural forces that influence the course of events. This is a good thing. It means that there is hope. You can use your free will to invite more of the magic to lead you forward. 
Take a little time to tap into the magic of your imagination, your ability to create, your intuition. Be on the lookout for signs and take note of the messages you’ve been getting and the coincidences that have been unfolding. Ask. Listen for feedback. Wonder. Be open to greater possibilities.  

My name is Alison Tennen a I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Psychology and Music. I’m also a certified Strategy Coach, Yoga Instructor, Laughter Yoga Leader and more recently, I've trained as a Qi energy Practitioner.  My mission with Calm Down is to help you change your energy and activate more magic in your own life so you can feel more supported and empowered and experience more miracles.

That you landed on this page among the zillions of other webpages is serendipitous in its own right. I wonder what’s next for you. I wish you many magical blessings, inner peace, grace and ease.




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