Calm Down and Here's Why

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2016

Calm Down and Ground Yourself

We so often operate from the head up, we can almost forget to breathe. Need a bathroom break? That’ll have to wait. Hungry or tired? Again, the body must be patient and adapt to our schedule of priorities.

When we are stressed, it really doesn’t feel good – so we tend to find a myriad of ways to “check out” of having to actually feel anything. This is where problems can arise. Ignoring your feelings and your body’s signals often escalates over time. What started out as a quiet tap on the shoulder can become a tug of the arm and then snowball into a full-on panic attack or temper tantrum.

Regularly grounding yourself brings your awareness back into the body. It allows you to feel more of your emotions. Once you can acknowledge your feelings, you can be guided by them. If you walk with the conscious intention of connecting to the Earth, you can easily ground yourself. Imagining a rod extending from your tailbone into the core of the Earth is another simple technique. Alternatively, you can stand by a tree and imagine that you too have roots…extended from the soles of your feet into the Earth.

Take it a step further – go walking barefoot on the soil, sand or grass. By doing this, you can ground yourself and benefit by accessing the Earth’s electrons, which has been shown to have numerous health benefits such as reducing inflammation, delivering antioxidants, boosting our immune system as well as having an overall restorative effect.

My name is Ali Tennen and I specialize in helping people calm down so they can achieve their greater potential. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Psychology and Music. I integrate my added skills as a certified Strategy Coach, Dream Coach, Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Laughter Yoga Leader to help my students and clients calm down naturally. I am an avid student of the Healing Arts and Personal Development. I am Reiki certified and intuitively gifted. My mission with Calm Down is to help you achieve greater coherence so you can feel more inspired, empowered and activate more magic in your own life.

Ask me for other ways you can ground yourself to access the resources and wisdom your body has to offer.

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