Boost Your Immune System

Are you pro or do you say no to vaccines? Either way, viruses and variants are floating about. What are you doing to strengthen your immune system?

Perhaps you've heard about the benefits of taking supplements such as vitamin C, D selenium and zinc and elderberry. Healthy habits are also helpful. But as stated in an article by Harvard Health Publishing, "The immune system is precisely that — a system, not a single entity. To function well, it requires balance and harmony." 

So how do you establish this? In my opinion, minimizing stress is key. Research showed that over 70% of medical visits were due to stress related conditions alone and that was before Covid. While there are many ways one can reduce stress, intuitive Strategy Coaching and Qi energy services aim to help you feel calmer on all levels. 

Coaching can offer you strategies, support, a new perspective, accountability, courage and confidence in areas you need it most. It offers you a safe place to self reflect and sort things out so you can redirect your energy and intentions in a powerfully positive way.

Qi energy online classes help with recharging and balancing your whole body. A little chanting at the start of class helps to open up your energy channels so you receive this unique, beautiful healing vibration. The gentle movements within the class help to release blockages. The meditation at the end leaves you feeling calm and refreshed. 

Now there are other things this Qi energy can do to support your well-being even further. Qi classes are an amazing place to start and the first one is complimentary.

  • A House Blessing Ceremony can clear out heavy, stagnant energy which can be impacting you in ways you're unaware.
  • Qi energy treatments help to restore balance and calm your body 
  • Ancestor Healing courses help to clear karmic inherited patterns, heal generational trauma, grief and improve the health and energy of your whole family.

So which one Interests you? Why not try something new? All of this is available virtually so If you're curious to learn more, I invite you a to book a complimentary virtual Coaching or Qi energy session.

Wishing you much inner peace, grace and ease.
Alison Tennen
founder of
Strategy Coach, Qi Energy Master


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