Angels or Ancestors

Do you believe in angels or feel like someone's looking out for you? Do you believe in miracles? If not, I hope this story inspires you.

Growing up, I always felt like I was being heard when I spoke aloud to myself in my room or when I walked alone in the woods at my cottage. It wasn't until years later, that I realized I was being heard, watched over and guided. Despite some hardship, I've also experienced miracles in my life.

For example, I once had a bizarre car accident that even baffled the officer and tow truck driver on site and everyone else who was in the neighbourhood that walked by me that day and night.
It was November, 2014 when I left my car running in ‘park’ for just a minute to pick up my older daughter from her friend's place when my nine year old, who was in the back of the car, decided to hop into the driver's seat with the intention of turning off the ignition. Suddenly, she felt the vehicle begin to roll backwards downhill and leaped out while I was talking to the friend's mom. 
Silently, my younger daughter appeared at the door beside me and asked if I was ready to go. I said yes and didn't sense the urgency she was feeling. "Mom, the car is rolling down the street!" My stomach flipped. "What?? Where??" I began to run to where my car had been. I stared down the street and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I ran down about ten houses before I saw it behind parked cars, on someone's lawn with the driver's side crushed against a tree.
When the officer came to make a report, he tried to make sense of the event.
I explained that I foolishly left the car idling for a minute because I had a problem with it not starting reliably despite having recently taken it in for repair. 
I had a tough time explaining how my daughter got out safely when the car began moving, because I didn't know myself. Technically, if the car was rolling backwards, wouldn't the open door likely sweep her down? Somehow she was able to leap beyond the length of the door.
And, while it was admittedly wrong of me to pull up on the left side of the street, if I hadn't, she would have had to jump out into the middle of the road versus onto the lawn so that was our favour. Regardless, I still have no idea how she got out unscathed.
While trying to sort through the details, the officer concluded that my daughter must have moved the gear into reverse or neutral as she climbed to the front, yet when we checked, we saw that it was actually still in 'park'. Another mystery.
Now here's what's really bizarre...ready? While my Sante Fe rolled backwards downhill, the tail end steered across the street and drove up onto someone's driveway behind the first two vehicles in the pic below. 
Then it somehow made a sharp turn onto the sidewalk and continued downhill concisely between a backyard fence and all parked cars on the road.
Right before crossing the intersection, it skillfully jackknifed itself firmly against a huge tree at the last lawn avoiding traffic, nearby dog- walkers and parents with babies in strollers. I literally had to wait until nightfall until the owners of the parked cars drove off, one by one, before the tow truck could haul it away.
The policeman took lengthy notes and then shook his head, mystified. He told me he had never seen anything quite like this before in all his years. He turned to me and exclaimed “Lady, someone’s watching over you!!” I agreed and said I was pretty sure it was my dad.
Of course, it could have been another ancestor or an angel that helped my daughter jump out safely or who drove the car backwards better than I could have, but ever since my dad passed years ago, I have received a lot of messages and guidance. 
In 2018, when I was seeking solutions to help one of my kids resolve some health issues, I believe it was him who led me to discover a process called Ancestor Healing with a Qi energy master. When I started to see my daughter's health finally improve, that inspired me to become a Qi energy master too.
I mention this here because as this healing process helped my ancestors become vibrationally brighter and energetically stronger, thereby helping them be in a better position to protect me and my family, and this has been my experience.
Now as I re-read this, I recognize that there is a part of my old self that would balk at what I just wrote but I've experienced enough unbelievable yet undeniable events to remind me that this Universe holds a lot of mystery that my limited intellect cannot refute.
Have you had some serendipity or magic occur in your life? If you believe there are no coincidences, then maybe you're reading this for a reason. If you're you looking for more support, guidance or miracles, I invite you get in touch to book a complimentary virtual Coaching or Qi Energy Session.
Alison Tennen
Strategy Coach, Qi Energy Master
founder of

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