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Would you like to know more about your ancestors so you can learn more about yourself? I recently stumbled upon a method that helped me better connect to my ancestors, achieve more peace within my whole family and see myself in a new light.
Years ago however, I didn't have peace. In fact, I fell to pieces many times over. When my dad died suddenly I became extremely anxious as a result. That took years of work to overcome. After kids, finances became a challenge and that was unfun. After twenty years of trying to keep things afloat, my marriage capsized and as my kids grew, they sometimes had anxiety too. When my older child started high school, new severe symptoms began to emerge. She couldn't eat without pain and her energy and emotions were becoming a problem as well. We spent two years bouncing from one appointment to another and no doctor, specialist, medication, therapist, health practitioner, diet, healer or remedy was able to truly help her heal. It was a trying time.
One seemingly ordinary day, a miracle occurred. I met a Qi energy master named Leigh-Anne Miles (also known as Master Park).
I was introduced to her at my chiropractor's office a couple years ago and she began giving my kids and I Qi energy treatments and soon after, we became friends. One Sunday, we went to for coffee in a little place in downtown Toronto called the Black Cat Cafe, which seemed so fitting a place to share some of my stories of hardship.
She listened well and after a while she acknowledged that we all have inherited  karma. 
(Incidentally, I once had a black cat named Jazz)
I understood the law of karma as cause and effect... what goes around, comes around. But I didn't know that this karma spirals down generations and that we actually inherit our ancestors' DNA and NRG.
The NRG I refer to, is their energy. My friend explained that ideally, our family pass on and go to a bright place and their light, their vibration has a positive influence on the next generation. But when people pass away with more negative emotions, heaviness, more traumas or issues they haven't resolved, if they pass away still holding these memories or having attachments to other people, then there can be a strong negative influence coming from them. Their energy can really upset our energy flow, cause deep blockages which then can impact our physical health, emotional health, mental health and influence how we operate on a daily basis. 

The miraculous part is that as a Sr. Qi Energy Master, Leigh-Anne knew how to help clear this heavy energy through a process called Ancestor Healing which helps our ancestors get into a vibrationally brighter place. I wouldn't have believed it but this 21-day healing process is the very thing that helped my daughter the most! 
See the interview of her explaining more here:)
Albert Einstein said "Everything is energy....we live in a vibrational Universe" Solid matter is made up of moving atoms. There are light waves, sound waves, and like ripples on a still lake, our emotions, thoughts, and words all emit a vibration. Everything is energy and frequency.
During physical life, we have the opportunity to cultivate ourselves and become more compassionate, loving and appreciative which helps to brighten our spirit. However, if we're resentful, hateful or hurtful, this negatively impacts our spiritual level. Regardless, whatever vibrational state we establish with our mind and emotions during our life remains unchanged once we enter the invisible world. 
It became apparent that our ancestors' energy is actually one with ours. In the same way a tree cannot separate the energy that runs from the invisible roots through to the visible fruits, nor can we separate the energy that we inherit from our ancestors.
If there is a problem in our lives, it can easily stem from the roots. Unless we help our ancestors get into a vibrationally brighter state and thereby help our whole family, we've essentially inherited our ancestors' karma. 
So many people search sites like 23andMe or Ancestry DNA to learn about their history and health. Yet few people know that:
  • Some ancestors are not at peace and are still around us after so many years 
  • Their vibrational state affects us because we are energetically connected
  • We can clear intergenerational trauma, karma and inherited issues
  • When we help our ancestors, they can better protect and support us
  • Through doing Ancestor Healing with a Qi energy master, we can honour and thank our ancestors for our life by helping them brighten vibrationally in a very loving way and untangle from strong, negative influences.
While it's true, we inherit some traits, talents and conditions genetically, heavy ancestral energy can create blockages in our body and our life and can manifest for example, as an addiction, eating disorder, health concern, mental health problem, financial or relationship challenge. Who knew? Of course, seeing is believing right?
Well, I was so impressed by the transformation I saw in my daughter's health and in my family overall after doing Ancestor Healing, I later trained to become a Qi energy master too. I feel passionate about sharing this remarkable healing method because I learned that when we can change the energy within our family tree, that changes everything.  
Is there something you've been trying to change in your life but have had little success? Is there an issue you're looking to heal? If so, I invite you to get in touch to book a complimentary virtual Coaching or Qi energy session here.
Alison Tennen
Strategy Coach & Qi Energy Master
founder of
p.s. while we were chatting in the coffeeshop, nearly every song that played over the speakers related to what we were discussing. For example, when I spoke of my ex loving the Beatles, suddenly a Beatles song came on. When I talked about issues with money, Pink Floyd's 'Money' song came on! This went on for about a half a dozen songs and then, as I got up to go, I nearly fell down because suddenly Elvis Costello's was suddenly singing my name, Alison.
In hindsight, I think my ancestors had something to do with that as it was auspicious meeting with many blessings to follow. Maybe your ancestors guided you to this point too:)

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