I Was Up to My Eyeballs in Debt...and Then, This Happened!

There was a time when I was really struggling. My marriage was quietly crumbling, my confidence, tumbling. In a very short time, we went from very comfortable to very uncomfortable financially. I found myself up to my eyeballs in debt primarily from over-spending to fix a renovation gone bad and then from getting caught selling in the crash of 2008 as housing prices dropped like a stone. With two little kids, we did what we could to get back on our feet. I was exhausted and anxious a lot of the time. I'm wondering if you can relate to such pressure...

Long story short, I got to a point where I started to meditate a few minutes regularly, just to get through the day. I began to put what I understood about the law of attraction, in action. There was enough science in quantum physics to back it up so I thought I'd actually give it a shot. I consistently and deliberately began envisioning myself debt-free and slipped into the sweet spot of remembering what that felt like.

Soon after, my friend who's a real estate agent called to tell me the housing market was 'on fire!’ She asked me if I would consider selling. I said it wasn't my first choice but that I'd give it some thought. The next day, I was very clear. I suggested we go for a walk and during that time, I laid out very specific conditions. I told her the following: If someone should be interested in buying our ravine lot within the next two to five years, and they’re willing to pay X amount (top dollar at the time) and they'll let us rent here for another two years so the kids can stay at their school, I would seriously consider it. And would you believe?...

Two days, not two years passed when she called me to say she had a package for me. Ten minutes later I was sitting beside her opening a very thick large envelope. In it, was an offer to buy our house for the exact price I wanted, with zero conditions! As well, we could rent there until they were ready to build. And guess what? Our moving day came exactly two years to the month after accepting the offer! Since then, I have had so many miracles, I've begun writing a book! In the meantime, here's what I can offer you:

One, be specific about what you desire. Two, envision it and three, imbue it with the pure emotions of already having it. Maybe you already do this but you might be counteracting your efforts by pouring more focus and energy on where you are vs. where you want to be. Sometimes it's hard to even believe that what we desire is possible so in such cases, it requires a bit of a strategic approach.

If you’re interested in changing something in your life for the better, try meditating as I described above. It doesn't have to be about money or a dream house (like the one I have posted here), it could be about anything. Initially, I thought my order was too tall...but as it turned out, it wasn't all! If you want more clarity and guidance, consider purchasing a Calm Down Kit for yourself which includes two coaching sessions or attend one of my 'Meditations & Manifestations' classes which starts tomorrow and will continue for two more weeks in February. If you missed the boat on these classes, don't despair. I'll have them recorded and available online soon enough! At the very least, I hope this story inspired you to believe a little more in miracles. 

    Wishing you much Grace and Ease and Inner Peace.


Alison Tennen
Teacher, Coach, Speaker, Laughter Yoga Leader.


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